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Humla was founded in Istanbul in 2014 with the aim of designing completely hand made, simple, functional and natural accessories for those of you who love the touch of genuine leather and warmth of the wool felt. Our designs are inspired by the elegance of Italian leather design with the combination of Scandinavian love for warmth. Just like Istanbul, Humla is a melting pot.

The two materials we use in our products are natural felt and genuine leather. Our felt is imported from Netherlands and our genuine leather is completely produced in Turkey.

We only use high quality Turkish leather in our products and we do value the long history of Turkish leather craftsmanship on our land. We are aiming to add a milestone to the production of hand made designs using only Turkish leather. Our genuine leather, on the other hand, is completely produced from the animals which are used in food industry. You can be sure that we never kill an animal only for its skin. The leather we use is dyed naturally and you can notice slight differences in each product which makes every single Humla an authentic accessory for you.

The felt we use in Humla is 100% wool and dyded with natural materials, so, while being a warm and soft material it is also one of the most commonly used materials throughout the history thanks to its sustainability. It is produced without giving any harm to the life cycle of the nature.

We have designed bags, wallets, tiny accessories, luggages and many others so far, and we are aiming to add larger friends to our portfolio just like home accessories and furniture very soon.

So, if you appreciate our designs, please stay tuned for more…

Humla is a Manastır brand.


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